Artificial intelligence is driving the automobile industry

Earlier self driving cars were just an imagination, seen mostly in Hollywood movies. Lack of technical knowledge and resources shielded it from turning into a reality, until recently. Finally, all the factors leading to artificial intelligence have shaped up and now self driving cars have become a reality. AI applications in car are the most advanced technological innovation in the world of automobiles. AI technology with cloud computing has many benefits which make it an ideal platform to make drivers’ life easier in the automotive field. The apps like finding gas stations nearby and allowing the driver to pay for their fuel purchase from inside the vehicle, recognizing nearby restaurants that are related to those revisited by the driver, providing list of household to buy items as the driver reaches nearby supermarkets or stores etc. are few applications that are already in fashion. These applications make use of data analytics, big data access and centralized connectivity.

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is another advanced innovation in IT industry. The combination of artificial intelligence and IoT devices is getting bigger and is making lasting impression in automobile industry too. Apps predicting car maintenance, repair scheduling, identification of performance issues, using smart sensors to identify medical emergencies, automatic toll collection etc. will allow manufacturers to update vehicles with additional features.

Machine learning with AI in automobile, provides a technology to replicate the way in which humans learn and then apply it on to devices and machines. It has the capability to think and act almost like human beings which are done by repetition of tasks using the past data. For example Toyota came up with highly sensitive autonomous systems that support in the movement for those to help an ageing population mobile and ensure they can still use their cars.

In the automobile industry, deep learning techniques have been very useful, as it helps in advanced driving assistance systems and autonomous driving. Famous companies like Nvidia and Bosch are working with DL technology to develop super computer to enhance quality of autonomous vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence with infotainment systems offers a new trend in automobile industry. With infotainment technology, you can expect automotive application for eye tracking, speech recognition, gesture recognition, monitoring driving etc.

Cognitive analytics with AI is another trendsetter, which has the ability to build knowledge and work similar to a human accounting to the sense of information and data. Car manufacturers like BMW have now started incorporating this into their vehicles with the purpose to help vehicles interact with each other.

Artificial Intelligence in automobiles is completely changing the way industry has been working. In future through AI you can see a new breed of car driving.

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