5 fundamentals of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing has become a very important tool in the hands of marketing teams across different business domains.

When customers or prospects are trying to solve their problems, you can build a connection with them with the right inbound strategy.

Content is the fuel that drives your inbound strategy and by producing and disseminating the right content to your prospects you can win them over and convert them to paid customers.

Before you jump into the inbound marketing bandwagon it is critical to know the fundamentals of inbound marketing.

Contact – Any individual you are striking a relationship with is called the contact. It could be anyone you are marketing to or selling to, anyone whom you employ or engages with. They all are your contacts and they have a stake in your business.

Buyer personas – It is nothing but a representation of your ideal customers based on data that you already have based on the demographics, behaviors, motivations as well as individual goals.

Creating your buyer persona is a very important step in inbound marketing and your strategies may break if you don’t give due diligence in creating your buyer personas.

Creating buyer persona will help you understand what type of content you must make, what channels you must promote your content and what strategies you must follow to gain new customers and delight existing customers.

Buyer journey – In inbound marketing, understanding the buyer’s journey is important. The awareness stage, the consideration stage and the decision stage require different types of content and different types of content strategy.

Content – Your content is the most important factor in your inbound strategy. In fact, content is the cornerstone of inbound marketing.

Creating the right content based on the user persona and delivering them at the right stage of their buyer’s journey will produce amazing results for your inbound strategy. You must develop engaging and compelling content for your audience.

Goals – Defining your goals in the beginning of your inbound marketing campaigns is helpful in understanding whether you are achieving what you have set out for.

You need to be sure about the different metrics you want to track to measure your success. Ultimately you do your inbound marketing to increase your business revenue

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