Liquid Handlers in Bio Technology Field

Bio technology is an advanced science that uses new technology and does researches to Liquid Handler improve the life of mankind. Certainly, it has touched our lives in every way. Liquid handlers have an important niche in today’s modern laboratories especially in biotech field. They are designed so well to meet the increased technical requirements in bio technology field.  The liquid handlers are nothing but an instrument used not only to obtain a volume of liquid from a source container but also dispenses a selected quantity of liquid samples, reagents or other liquids to a designated container. These processes are done with the help of a pipettor which is the major part of the liquid handler. And, these ranges from simple plastic transfer pipettes to automated liquid handling pipettes depending on measurement accuracy. The other liquid handling system or liquid transfer equipments are categorized based on the types of pumps used such as vacuum or air pumps, piston pumps, flow through pump, burettes, peristaltic pumps etc.

Measurement accuracy includes both low measured volume of liquid and high measured volume of liquid solutions that are used in laboratories. There are certain factors that should be considered while using liquid handlers such that users should know how to operate it, accuracy and precision of liquid volumes and other external factors. There are numerous pipettes (in liquid handlers) available in the market and these are named as vacuum assisted pipettes, volumetric pipettes, graduated pipettes, pipette dispensers, Pasteur pipette, forward pipette, backward pipette, Micropipettes and Nanopipettes. Many new liquid handling systems are well known in scientific world and have been introduced in medical field. The automated liquid handler is most prominent and has extensive applications in laboratories which maximize the accuracy, precision of liquid volume whilst it minimizes time and cost. They even can take measurement of liquid in the microliter to milliliter range of volumes.

  • Liquid handling system is very innovative and highly advanced technique in biotechnology field.
  • These are highly flexible and reliable to use.
  • This is a boon to the bio tech laboratories, since it brings an improved efficiency and safety to all laboratory work flow.
  • These extensive products are highly automated and extremely suitable for the bio tech lab applications.
  • Advanced pipettes systems such as robotics are efficient in creating high productivity ultimately resulting in mass testing procedures.
  • These liquid handlers are made of polyurethane, and have a flexible bulb for transferring liquids.

The mechanism of the liquid handling system involves in two major processes such as aspirating and dispensing of liquid by a pipettor.

  • Aspirating can be defined as the process of bringing liquid to the tip.
  • Dispensing can be defined as the process of expelling liquid from the tip.

The pipettes in Liquid Handlers are individually wrapped under strict sterile condition and we can get it for many laboratory use. Ultimately liquid handlers have become an indispensable part in drug discovery, pharmaceutical quality assurance, forensics, clinical research and so on.

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