Google Disavow Links Tool

Google’s Disavow Links tool has recently been launched by Google and is used to identify low quality links. It is a completely new security feature for all the SEO activities. Really it is a boon to all the SEO Personnel. The tool mainly focuses to avoid bad links such that all SEO personnel are required to follow strict quality guidelines that are set forth by the search engine. At times, you might have come across certain URL’s which are unnatural and unwanted that may harm your website rankings, in such cases you can request to Google to disavow such links while you evaluate your sites’ performance. So, there won’t be any situation for SEO’s that could create upset with this kind of unnatural activities.

The steps are easier and are as follows:

  • Firstly, open the Disavow tools page (
  • Enter your domain name and validate it
  • Finally upload all the files that you want to disavow
  • Once you complete all the processes, Google will disavow all the unwanted sites and you will enjoy the advantage of those sites you want.

Caution must be taken, since improper use of this feature can potentially harm your site’s performance in Google’s Search results. As it is an advanced feature, we strongly recommend you to disavow backlinks if you think that you have a considerable amount of artificial, spammy, or low-quality links to your sites as possible, and if you find that such links causing you so much trouble.

The advantages of using this Disavow Links Tool:

  • If you get any bad links warning from Google, then the tool is really useful for you.
  • If the Google personnel have found that you have not adhered to the webmaster guidelines or if any other users have found any inclusion of bad links in your site, in either case you will be penalized. Awareness of such situations may well prepare you to avoid the risk of creating bad links.
  • Certainly it is a logical solution for all those who have not been able to solve the problem completely.
  • This brings a golden opportunity for all the SEO’s who are very much unable to control the bad links and helps them to produce top quality links.
  • Google is fed up with the unwanted sites that was recently added to Google Algorithm’s and has affected other sites very badly all over the world. This Disavow tool is a wonderful tool as it is really helpful in dissolving such situations.
  • If you have any unwanted links to get rid of which have been suggested by Google, and to do so they may contact you by any means of communications for which you have given in the webmaster directory including email and the other corresponding address.
  • In fact, it’s an excellent tool to all the SEO activities and helps SEO personnel to disavow links from all pages on a particular site.

The SEO companies and Google were frantically relooking the link profiles of their sites and would like to delete all the spammy links from their sites.  In such cases the Disavow Tool is excellent and effective to make the process very easier. The inclusion of quality links and exclusion of poor links are essential for the success of your business. Hence this tool can definitely be a right step to improve the site rankings.

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