Kids @ Calpine – A day filled with fun, fun & more fun

The Kids@Calpine programme, a much-awaited event, came to reality the previous Saturday, 6th of June 2015. The event emphasized on bringing the kids of Calpiners for a day filled with drama, games and fun. The programme was an event which brought around a large number of kids to participate for various events such as fancy-dress, painting, pencil drawing and dance. The venue was filled with the laughter and naughty screams of kids. The programme started with the introduction by the events team of Calpine, where in they explained the efforts behind making a much-awaited event a reality.

The HR personnel invited the judge of the event, Mrs. Malini Arun (Owner of Dolphins School -Edachira) to the session. It was followed by the welcoming of our CEO Mr. Jijo G John and Director Mrs. Reena Jijo to the programme and thanking them for the support they have been providing throughout the planning phase of the event. And then the invitation was extended to the parents and the heroes of the day – the kids.

The event started off on a fun note with the fancy dress competition for the tiny tots and for the kids in the 3-6 yrs age category. The air was filled with laughter and astonishment while tiny tots conquered the stage as Lord Krishna, Shakunthala and Damru Wala! The fancy dress competition in the 3-6 years age category saw beautiful angels and cute Snow Whites, selfie Vikramadithya and Chota Bheem lined up to put across a tight competition.

The colouring competition and pencil drawing competition provided mesmerizing visuals as kids who started colouring individually by sharing colours with each other ended up colouring together on a single sheet. The parents and the judges were really enjoying the show with those beautiful, cute and innocent smiles by kids in the smiling contest which took the spectators back to their childhood memories. The singing and dancing competitions exhibited the real talent within many smaller ones, assuring a bright future for them.

The stacking drums game and sweet collection games brought enjoyment and laughter among audience and fun and enthusiasm among the kids. The final game for the kids was the musical chair which saw almost all the kids participating and putting their best to conquer the available chairs.

The winners of the competitions were awarded prizes, chocolates and toys by respected judge Mrs. Malini Arun who expressed her happiness in being part of a fun filled programme with the kids. As a token of gratitude, a memento was awarded to Mrs. Malini Arun for the support and effort she had put in to come for the kids’ session at Calpine and contributing towards making it a grand success.

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Author: Noble Mathew

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