7 tips for writing effective subject lines for email marketing

Email marketing has always been one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that directly helps you connect with your prospects, nurture them with information and to convert them into your customers.

Whether you are nurturing your leads, converting the leads into customers or turning your one time customers to loyal fans, email marketing is an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

One of the most critical parts in creating a good email marketing campaign is the subject line of the email.

It is based on the subject line that someone decides whether to open the mail or not. We all receive hundreds of emails every day and generally ignore them if the subject lines don’t appear useful, isn’t it?

You have to keep your subject line short and to the point and you must never try to mislead the receiver.

Here are 7 tips for writing effective subject lines for your email marketing campaigns.

Use actionable language – The usage of actionable words like ‘take’, ‘download’, ‘ask’, ‘buy’ makes the receiver understand what she has to do with the email.

It clearly shows the user what benefit she will get on opening the mail. Or, you are making it clear in the subject line itself the benefit the user will get on opening and reading the email.

Personalize wherever possible – Personalizing an email doesn’t only mean adding the individual names of the recipients in the email.

It means adding subject lines while understanding what each recipient wants to see in the email you sent.

Customers at the different stages of the marketing funnel would be looking for different things in the emails.

So in the subject lines speak about the individual needs of each segments of your customers.

Write a clear subject line – The subject line of your email must be clear and precise about the content of the email.

There should not be any room for doubts as to what your emails contain. You can write catchy and funny subject lines, but that must not confuse the recipient about the content of the email.

Clarity of purpose in the subject line is a very important factor that decides the clickthrough rate of your email marketing campaigns.

What the subject line promises must be there in the mail content – Reliability and trustworthiness are important attributes of a good business.

Therefore your subject line must never mislead the recipient and the content of the email must have what the subject line promised.

Be brief – The email that you send to your customers must be brief and to the point. No one has time to peruse long emails and find out what it intends to say.

If the email that you send is extremely long, not many will use their precious time to go through the long email.

Take about benefits, not features – It is always easy to get carried away by lavishing praises on the various features of your product.

Instead your email marketing must contain information about how your product or service benefits the user. You can always send the user to your website so that she can see the features of your product.

But in the email that you are sending to your customer you must only mention what benefits the user can get in using your product.

Call-to-action button – Your email must always contain a call-to-action button. After reading your emails, the recipients must not be in any sort of doubt about what action she must take next.

It could be taking the recipient to your website, asking her to fill in her details in a form or taking her to your new Facebook page, the call-to-action button must tell what precise action you are expecting the recipient to take.

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