How to do social media reputation management

Around the world people are staying at home and managing their affairs while making purchasing decisions by taking information from the internet.

The online reputation of businesses is a major factor based on which such purchasing decisions are made.

Managing your online reputation has thus become a very important factor for businesses across all domains.

For any business, their website becomes their foremost online identity. However, websites are not the only factor that determines your online reputation.

Your social media presence and your engagement with customers through those platforms also determine your online reputation.

Social media reputation management means posting engaging and strategic content in your social media platforms to establish your unique identity and personality, monitoring those platforms closely and engaging with the customers to further the brand image in the eyes of the customers.

Following are the major steps in social media reputation management.

Decide what your reputation must be – In the beginning itself you have to decide what kind of personality and image you want to project in front of your customers and prospective customers.

Do you want to project yourself as a caring business, that answers to customer queries immediately and compassionately? Do you want to project yourself as an industry authority? Do you want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry?

Create a social media policy – It is not only important to have a concrete idea about your social media policy, but you must put it in written words, so that later in the lifetime of your business, you have no confusion about your decided reputation goals.

You have to make sure that your employees thoroughly understand the business’ stated reputation policy, so that they also don’t veer away from it.

Define a strategy to manage reputation – Now that you know what type of reputation and personality you want to project about yourself and has a clear-cut social media policy, now is the time to strategize and come up with an action plan to promote that reputation.

Identify the platforms to promote the content, consider the demography of your customers, research content ideas and create the content, which can be promoted through the platforms.

Create content that propagate your reputation – The next step is the most important one where you actually create and post different types of content that propagates your intended image or reputation.

You can create different types of content for broadcasting your desired reputation, including, but not restricted to, blogs, posters, carousels, infographics, videos, podcasts.

Manage your online reputation – In the final step you have to consistently monitor your online content and how it is affecting your online reputation.

You have to engage with your customers, allay their doubts, provide customer service and answer to their positive and negative feedback, thereby continually checking on how your brand is perceived online.

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