5 essentials for a website homepage

The homepage of your website is the virtual front door of your business. People are going to make their first impressions on your business from the homepage of your website.

Visitors to your website are your potential customers and hence you must provide all essential information that she is looking for in the homepage of the website.

The following 5 elements are essential for your website homepage.

Headline – The headline is a very important part of a website homepage as it is what gets noticed immediately when a user visits the website.

The headline should tell users within 3 seconds what the website has to offer in terms of the benefits the user will get.

Your headline should be clear and simple that is easy to understand to a layman and it should be benefit-focused.

Hero image – Images convey more than words could and hence you must have a main image in the homepage that speaks about what you have to offer.

Your hero image or main image should attract the right customers to engage with you further and the wrong visitors to leave.

It is better to use images that evoke emotions and drive people to action, instead of using stick photos.

Call to action – The main objective of your website is to attract people and to compel them to dig deeper into the website and take action you want them to take.

So include a visually prominent call to action button just above or below the hero image of your homepage.

You have to use active language and must tell the visitors in simple terms the benefits they will get by clicking on to your CTA button.

Benefits to the user – You have to express in clear terms the benefits users will get when they buy a product or service from you.

Make sure that you speak the language of the user; care must be taken not to use industry specific jargon and abbreviations.

Social proof – Testimonials are social proofs that demonstrate to your prospective customer that you are a business she can trust.

Demonstrate credibility of your business by adding testimonials of customers in the homepage of the business. Adding names and images of such customers will add greater trust.

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