Importance of Mobility Solutions in Healthcare Industry

Smartphones have created a socio-economic impact on healthcare industries like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical devices & equipment manufacturers and other medical service providers. Due to the usage of mobile, healthcare industry also switched to custom-made mobile apps that are progressively smarter, rich in functionality and easy to use. Most individuals use Smartphone for healthcare services like tele-consultation, online appointment booking, treatment availability, online chat with doctors etc. Mobile has become a popular device among doctors as well as it develops a friendly, responsive and satisfactory attitude among patients.

Mobile applications are making life easy for both medical professionals and the patients. It has been in use as hospital management solution as well for managing appointments, staffs, medicines & prescriptions. Mobile apps make everything possible at real time, by supporting healthcare industry to improve the quality of medical treatment. Mobility in healthcare facilitates medical institutes as well as patients by providing a secure and an efficient solution for their requirements such as:

  • Exchange of clinical data in healthcare centres
  • Mobile app for online consultation with doctors
  • Mobile app for a fetal heart rate monitoring system
  • Hospitals management app for entire hospitals
  • Pharmacy management mobile app
  • Medicine tracking real time app for entire hospital
  • Hospital Inventory and Asset management
  • Easy Billing app
  • Medication reminder mobile app for patients
  • Prescription, medical document repository
  • Navigation, route map and parking app for hospital, pharmacy, medical stores, clinics etc.
  • Mobile app to get access to the diagnostic and therapeutic tools when needed for doctors and clinical staff
  • App to share care plan with patients for doctors and clinical staff
  • Pregnancy/childbirth app for mothers

Benefits of Mobile Apps in Healthcare

Nowadays healthcare centers need to stay connected with patients around 24/7 during appointments, causalities as well as emergency crisis. Regulations & rules, obedience & manners have all been increased in every place, especially in hospitals. So patients are challenged in waiting in queues for long time. Hospitals need to give more priority to patients in providing treatments, consultation or diagnosis, though patients are more demanding. The emergence of mobile application in healthcare helps to keep patients at the highest level of priority.

Mobility solutions help to:

  1. Improve patient satisfaction and openness on treatment
  2. Improves collaboration and efforts among staffs to get better results
  3. Make easy analysis of staff attendance and removes unproductive time
  4. Increases focus on patient care
  5. Provide easy communication by texting message, sending images and medical documents from Smartphone
  6. Improves patient care by providing instant message or emergency alert within nursing staff
  7. Gives accurate response without misleading information

Portable medical apps or Mobile Healthcare applications are becoming a major facet between healthcare providers and patients. Nowadays such apps work well and users can make the most out of them. Many IT companies including Calpine Group facilitate mobile application development that make use of powerful ideas in healthcare industry, which provide solutions that have operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. At Calpine, the mobile application development & services utilize advanced mobile technology to build, maintain and support fully functional, high-end mobile applications with intuitive designs.

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