Family Day Out 2019 @ Calpine

Family day outs are perfect way for companies to show their appreciation to their employees and their families. Fun days with lot of recreational activities can really cement relationships with everyone.

Once again it was time for everyone in Calpine to come together with family and have some quality time together. Family day out on Sunday had something for everyone as children and parents of the Calpine family enjoyed together with some fun games.

As we all spent most of our time in front of a machine, a day out together with our family and friends was something we all were looking forward to. There were games where we could try our hand at. And almost everyone could participate in every game.

Children had the best day as they bonded with each other and enjoyed every bit of the outing. Their enthusiasm in participating in the games was quite palpable. And when they were not participating on any game they were seen chirping, talking and singing with each other.

And to add to the excitement of the day we also had the finals of the Calpine Cricket League 2019. Our Infopark team won the title by defeating our CSEZ team.

Find all photos of the event here.

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