Top 10 Hot PHP Frameworks

Yii: Yii is an object-oriented, high-performance component-based PHP web application Top PHP Frameworksframework, and is also an open source. It is written strictly in OOP and the framework is meant for developing large-scale web applications. Yii affords nearly every feature required by today’s web 2.0 application development. Yii is one of the most potential web application frameworks and doesn’t need to be installed under a web-accessible directory. It should be protected from Web access since it may be hacked.

CodeIgniter: One of the efficient PHP frameworks. It will assist the PHP coder, who is already building PHP applications to make it better and more robust. Thus, the coding will be easier to read and safeguard. CodeIgniter, is a small full featured tool kit, by which the developers can save time, and serves as a backbone to the developers who are in the shared hosting accounts and clients with deadlines.

CakePHP: It is an open source web application framework and is based on Ruby on Rails concept. The framework is a fast and helpful for the developers who use well-known software engineering concepts and design patterns, as ActiveRecord, Front Controller, MVC, Association Data Mapping, Model-View-Controller, and Convention over configuration.

Zend:  Zend framework is often considered as a component library, since it has limply joined components and could be used more or less independently. It is an open source, object oriented web application framework mainly implemented for PHP 5. The framework is focused on all features for web 2.0 applications and web services, enabling them to be more secure, consistent and safe. The most sponsors or partners include IBM, Google, Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Amazon, Yahoo, Flickr and StrikeIron.

Symfony: Symfony is a web application framework that tracks the model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm. It is the architecture tool for the developers and aids in speeding up the creation and safeguarding of web applications and helps in substitution of all repetitive coding. Few requisites such as Linux, MacOS, UNIX, or Microsoft Windows with a web server and PHP 5 installed are essential for the installation of Symfony.

Prado:  Prado is an open source, event driven, component based, and object oriented framework for developing web applications in PHP 5. It describes all the foremost features and advantages of the framework. The acronym Prado stands for PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented.  The framework is free and can be used to develop the open source or commercial applications.

Akelos: Akelos PHP framework is a web application development platform based on the Model View Controller design pattern. It enables the developers to write views using Ajax easily, control request through the controller and manages database using simple conventions. It is also helpful for the Ruby developers who are in need to code in PHP. The framework is also advantageous for other developers who are looking to sell or distribute their applications without demanding deployment configurations.

PHPDevShell: It’s an open source web application for PHP, provided with a complete GUI admin interface. Its fastness, consistency, flexibility and security are the unique features and enable a rapid application development framework for PHP. As its name indicates, it provides a shell to the codes. It is designed as lightweight highly modular scalable plug-in based code management framework which stands as a better solution when compared with the complexity of the other PHP framework.

Zoop: It is an object oriented PHP framework and is unique as it is consistent, scalable, extendable and moveable. The framework is designed to be fast, reliable, proficient and clean. The Zoop framework is significant to both the beginners and experienced coders as it facilitates them to handle the mundane tasks easily. It enables the developers to save their time. The Zoop framework features include GuiControls, AJAX support and integration, DB integration, integrated caching, PDF creation, SMTP template-based email sending, provides smarty templates, session handling and much more.

QPHP: QPHP or Quick PHP is an event-driven (EDP), component-based MVC framework analogous to ASP.NET. It is the best PHP framework which tackles the problematic part easily. It conveys the elegance of Java and C#, and serves as a tool that helps you in creating PHP-based website in easy, fast, and well-organized manner.

Every web page consists of two files and namely:

  • PHP – presentation logic
  • PHP.SCRIPT – business/programming logic

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