Google’s Author Rank – The Future of Content Marketing

The importance of content marketing in SEO is huge and with the introduction of Author Rank, Google is all set to give it a major thrust. Social interactions and human factors are given more importance in Google’s algorithm and Author Rank can really introduce that human factor into the mix.

Google has introduced the concept of Author Rank with the intention of identifying individuals, their knowledge in their subjects and what other people in the online world think about the content that they publish. It would consider factors like how many followers the author has in the main social networking sites, how often the content authored by them are being shared and how frequently an author gets acknowledgement for the content in the form of shares, back links, tweets etc.

Some of the most important factors that may affect Author Rank would be the engagement of the author in Google Plus, inbound links to the content, shares in Facebook, +1 in Google Plus, authority in social platforms, citations, mentions in news resources, connections to other authors of merit etc.

If you want to gain Google Author Rank for your content then you need to first claim authorship of the content you create. You can do it by inserting the tag <rel=”author” link=”your-googlplus-url” /> into each of your content. You should create good content that gets +1 in Google Plus, which shows that your content is of good quality. If the content that you create is good then it will get more ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ in Facebook. You will also get many followers in Google Plus if you create good and valuable content. This could also help you in improving your Author Rank. Interacting with and making connections with people who are generally considered as thought leaders in your respective field are excellent ways to increase your Author Rank. Such associations in social media platforms like LinkedIn could be pretty useful.

It is believed by many experts that Author Rank will come to its full effect in about 9-10 months. It would mean that this is the perfect time to do all the right things that are needed to gain some good Author Rank.

Author: Aravind Ramesh

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