Why your website is not showing in Google search

Everyone knows how important it is to get your website listed on the first page of Google search results.

When that’s the case, imagine if your website is not at all showing in Google search results.

There could be many reasons why your website is not showing in Google search and the following are some of them.

Your website is brand new and hasn’t been crawled yet – When your website is brand new, Google will take some time to notice the new website and then crawl it.

So if your website is new then you need not panic if it is not getting listed in Google search and it generally takes about two to 4 weeks to get indexed and show up on search results.

Your site isn’t linked to from any external websites – If your website is not linked with any external websites, Google bots may find it difficult to find you in the web.

You need to create backlinks from other websites, which will help Google identify and then index your website.

Your site is redirected to another site – If you have redirected web pages of other websites to your new website and you haven’t implemented redirects then search engine bots will only know about your website and not your new one.

You need to check if you have redirected all the old pages to the corresponding new pages using 301 redirects.

Your site is blocking search engines bots – By using “no index” tags you can block search engine bots from crawling and indexing your web pages.

Similarly, you can also use robots.txt file to block Google bots from accessing your website.

It is common practice to block engine bots during a web development process so that your “half-cooked” website doesn’t get listed in search results.

So if your website isn’t getting listed in search results, you must check if you are not unintentionally blocking search engine bots.

Your site has been penalized by Google – If your website doesn’t meet quality standards of Google, they might penalize you and block your website from appearing in their search results.

It can also happen if you have plagiarized content in your website, or if you have duplicate content in your web pages.

If you have received many backlinks using spammy search engine optimization tactics, then too your website would be penalized by Google.

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