How to write a good title tag

The HTML element that specifies the title of a web page is known as title tag and each web page must have a unique title tag.

Google is known to display the first 50-60 characters in a title tag; but since characters can vary in their width, you can never be sure about any character length vis-à-vis its display in the search results though.

Title tags are important as they are responsible in making search engines understand what a particular page is all about.

It also makes the first impression in the minds of human users when they see a web page, in the browser and in search engine results pages.

While you share a web page in social media also, your title tag will be displayed as the title of the page.

As title tags are important elements in your web page and as they have great significance in SEO, SMM and in user experience, you have to be careful while creating title tags.

Here are some of the tips for creating a good title tag.

Write unique title tags – Every page in your website is unique and hence that should reflect in your title tags too.

You should create unique title tags for each individual page that describes accurately what a page is all about, so that both search engines and human users understand about the content of the web page.

Write for your customers – Even when title tags are important factors in SEO, you ultimately write for your customers.

They should be able to understand about the content of the page by reading the title tag. You should keep the whole user experience in your mind when you create title tags.

It is the basis on the title tag that a user primarily decides whether to click on your links or not when they see it in the search engine results.

Keep an eye on the length – As mentioned earlier, search engines display only 50-60 characters in their search results. So if your title tags are too long, search engines will cut off some parts of the title.

At the same time, even if your title tags are within the limit, search engines may decide to show different title tags, by adding your brand name along with your title tags.

Use your target keywords – You must use your target keywords in your title tags, though care must be taken not to overdo it.

Your important keywords must come in the beginning of the title tags and care must be given not to stuff every keyword or all variations of your keyword into your title tags.

Explain about the web page – The best practice is to write an accurate description of the web page that visitors will see when they click and visit the page.

When they see in the web page what they expected from reading the title tags, their bounce rate would be less, which will in turn help your search engine rankings as well.

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