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“Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life”. Donating blood is a service of kindness. By donating blood a donor is truly giving a helping hand that pulls back to life a person in need. The need for blood is acute and complicated for special procedures like bypass surgery, which require new blood. As time is a critical factor, searching for specific blood group for a medical emergency is really intricate. Blood search mobile application makes it easy and painless to find blood donors.

Calpine Group is quite proud of introducing Blood Search application, a service for improving blood donation among the public. It is an app that fulfils a genuine social need that is uniquely serviced by mobile. It helps to look for donors closest to your location and to reach out to them quickly.

Majority of people carry smart phones and tablets, wherever they go. So why not reach them through the devices that they always use? This notion has encouraged Calpine group to offer a single platform application, Blood Search app, where blood donors can volunteer their service to those seeking blood, during a medical emergency. The app is designed for both individual user and as well as for blood banks.

Blood Search application is designed with many highlights. It is the easiest way to get blood, by signing up and posting blood group requirements in the app. This makes easy to trace the location and blood group of donor. It enables you to view profile and the contact details of donor who have accepted the request, and help you in your hour of need. Blood Search is an Android based mobile application that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. You can fulfill your requirement, with the quick response that you will get from the willing donors and Blood Banks who would volunteer to help you.

With our Blood Search app, you will find a list of donors with matching blood group that you need and information on their locations. The app will notify blood donors within your search radius and you can contact the blood donor through Blood Search app.

Blood search also helps you to be a volunteer to donate blood and save the lives of others by responding to requests near you. With simple registration, you can sign in and accept the requests to donate blood. Specific permission settings are incorporated in this app which enables to share your details with your permission.

Just donate blood and Save Life!

Turn out to be a blood donor by downloading Blood Search App from Google Play Store.

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